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Daya Charan and Group is one of the oldest and biggest service provider of bulldozer machines. We are in the business of dealing in all the services of bulldozers for more than 50 years and is currently been taken forward by the 3rd generation, proudly upholding the family tradition. We are now the exclusive pan india dealers for HBXG bulldozer. Our works include : -

  • Supply of New Bulldozers
  • Live demonstration of working dozer machines
  • Spare parts of all Heavy Earthmoving Machinery
  • Bulldozer and Excavator Hiring/Rentals
  • O&M (operation & Maintenance ) Contracts
  • CMC ( Comprehensive maintenance Contracts) Read more

To know more about our services related to Bulldozer and Excavator hiring, Solid waste management, Spare parts etc. please visit our website dozer.in


TY165-3 Bulldozer

TY165-3 Bulldozer

(165HP | 18 tons)



(248HP | 24 tons)



(345HP | 32 tons)


FEATURES OF Bulldozers

Elevated Sprocket

  • They are an engineering innovation which not only provide a smooth experience for the operator, but also allow the machines to work harder.
  • No frequent failure of the final drive system.
  • Less prone to breakdown- Easy maintenance.
  • This design provides excellent stability and balance to bulldozer.
  • Increased durability and machine life.

Transmission System

  • Easy removal as well as easy installation from the rear portion.
  • Convenience of maintenance and repair of the system.
  • Use of multiple gear teeth instead of a single tooth increases the system endurance to engine torque by evenly distributing the applied forces.

360 Degree View & ROPS Cabin

ROPS (Rollover protection system or rollover protection structure) and 360 degree View Cabins are structures necessary for supervision, multi-directional work and overall safety of the machine. An ROPS ensures the operator's safety in event of a mishap.

Cummins Engine

Hydraulic engines designed by Cummins are the most powerful and reliable engines used in the construction industry. They are easy to maintain and inexpensive to repair. Its better fuel efficiency, lesser noise and low emissions capability make its use environmentally more sound than its competitors.

LED Lights

LED Lights provide increased illumination with better durability, fuel efficiency and a low maintenance cost. Their less power consumption enables to use low voltage alternator generator in the bulldozer machine.

Joystick Control

HBXG bulldozers have better operator joystick control which offers a high degree of precision.

HBXG Bulldozers for sale

Sd6n Bulldozer
  • Engine - Cummins (Electronic Injectors)
  • Engine Rated Power (165 HP)
  • Operating weight (without ripper) – 18,030
  • Pilot joy stick hydraulic control
  • Blade width (mm) - 3467
  • Dozing capacity - 5.23
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SD7N Bulldozer
  • Engine - Chongqing Cummins NT855-C280S10
  • Engine Rated Power(185 KW/248 HP)
  • Operating weight - 24 tons approx.
  • Elevated sprocket
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SD8N Bulldozer
  • Engine - Chongqing Cummins NTA855-C360S10
  • Engine Rated Power(257 KW/345 HP)
  • Operating weight - 32 tons approx.
  • Elevated sprocket, ITM track and sprockets
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