About Us

Daya Charan and Company cover all the major domains of the complete Bulldozer market. We believe in customer satisfaction by serving them with all the services related to bulldozer, thus we are now providing brand new technology elevated sprocket with reliable Cummins engine bulldozers capable of standing against all odds with much higher efficiency and performance. These new hydraulic dozers are equipped with easy maintenance transmission system, ROPS and air-conditioned cabin, joystick control and LED lights. We are in the business of bulldozers since decades and hence leave no stone unturned when it comes to testing the machine thoroughly. The machines are self-tested being nowhere less than its competitors. Robust nature, special attachments and blades make these bulldozers easily capable of working in every environment.

For each segment we have a particular bulldozer for sale with varied attachments.

SD5K Bulldozer – 132 HP, Weight – 13 tons (Hydrostatic Bulldozer)
TY165-3 Bulldozer – 165 HP, Weight – 18 tons
SD7K Bulldozer – 230 HP, Weight – 25 tons (Hydrostatic Bulldozer)
SD7N Bulldozer – 248 HP, Weight – 24 tons
SD8N Bulldozer – 345 HP, Weight – 32 tons
SD9 Bulldozer – 430 HP, Weight – 45 tons approx.

Other domains of Bulldozer industry that Daya Charan and Group covers.

Spare parts of all Heavy Earthmoving Machinery
Bulldozer and Excavator Hiring/Rentals
O&M (Operation & Maintenance) Contracts
CMC (Comprehensive maintenance Contracts)

Our Manufacturer – HBXG

HBXG a subsidiary of HBIS (HEBEI IRON&STEEL GROUP) is a leading manufacturer of bulldozers in China, since 1996. HBIS is listed top 201 among world top 500 enterprises, focusing on iron and steel, its business scope are including steel, material, equipment manufacturing, finance, logistic five areas. HBXG has been continuously taking a domestic bulldozer market share of over 30% in China and is listed as one of 500 biggest state owned Companies.

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