hydrostatic dozer

Hydrostatic Bulldozers

Hydrostatic transmissions have become the gold standard for the heavy machinery mining industry, Due to high output capacity, fuel consumption optimization and stability of hydrostatic transmissions, they have become one of the major demanding standard for the heavy earthmoving machinery and the usage and performance is best seen for off-road machineries used for mining industry, coal industry etc.

Introducing two new hydrostatic bulldozers
1. SD5K Bulldozer – 130 HP, 13 tons
2. SD7K Bulldozer – 248 HP, 25 tons

hbxg sd9 bulldozer

SD9 Bulldozer

SD9 bulldozer comes in the class of Big bulldozers, having appraised control as 430 HP and weight 45 tons around. This colossal machine accompanies lifted sprocket and has a dozing capacity if 13.5 cubic meters. The capacity to move material is multiple times when contrasted with little bulldozer and the execution is remarkable.

Semi-unbending versatility suspending, water powered mechanical transmission, lifted sprocket track type, suspended rollers, completely pressure driven activity, pilot pressure driven controlling edge task, cooled and ROPS Cabin such particular structuring segments make this machine completely progressed and perfect for your development prerequisites.

Simple to fix and upkeep because of hoisted sprocket and the situating of transmission framework, this SD9 bulldozer is prepared to be immediately recuperated in case of minor blames and work with full power at your site. source: – https://bulldozer831.wordpress.com/sd9/

Ty165-3 Bulldozer

Ty165-3 Bulldozer

TY165-3 bulldozer of about 18 tons is a small bulldozer mostly operated at construction sites. Advantageous in numerous ways, the design of this dozer results in optimized speed, more output with less input and ease of transportation. Best suited for road works, soil works, clearing and grading heaps even in the areas having limited accessibility. Equipped with Cummins engine, Rops cabin, Led lights and Joystick control, this 165 HP bulldozer will fulfill all your small bulldozer requirements.

TY165-3 bulldozer is applicable for earth handling in road construction, desert and oil-field working, farmland and port construction, irrigation and electric power engineering, mining and other engineer conditions.

SD5K bulldozer

SD5K Bulldozer

Hydrostatic Sd5k is a small bulldozer weighing approx. 13 tons. 130 hp and blade capacity of 3.1 cubic meter makes this machine perfect for heavy load working such as construction of stadiums, electric power projects, harbour construction, city and town earth(soil) removals etc. This model is equipped with electronic engine of full power matching pattern, with stepless speed change and pivot steering function, modular design and easy to repair and maintain. With less downtime and easy to operate controls, this bulldozer is value for money. Book your machine today.
It is a perfect machine used in wonderful or overwhelming burden working, for example, harbor development, correspondence development, arena, electric power task, city and town earth moving, refill, displaying and leveling working.


SD8N Bulldozer

345HP and 37 tons, equipped with cummins engine and elevated sprocket design, this *SD8N Bulldozer* is best suited in the category of big Bulldozers. Advantageous exceptional features like easy maintenance transmission system, joystick control and suspended rollers can be very well seen by its extraordinary performance and throughput once unloaded on site.

SD8N bulldozer is capable of working with heavy loads and its elevated sprocket design results in optimize speed, better and much smoother operator sight line and view control, high efficiency and performance and also provides more torque to the machine.
Used for varied applications, this bulldozer can be commonly seen at mining works, coal and thermal power plants etc.