sd7n bulldozer

SD7N Bulldozer

SD7N dozer is 248HP highly efficient medium-sized bulldozer with dozing capacity of 8.4 cubic meter. It is an elevated sprocket type bulldozer with Cummins NT855-C280S10 Engine, ROPS cabin, joystick control and LED lights.
Perfect latest technology machine with semi-rigid suspended system, power shift drive and energy saving hydraulic controls to be used for varied applications and projects in deserts, oil fields, power plants, mining and other earth moving projects.
Enabled with modular style options and ergonomically designed operating system making it simple to handle, easy to repair and maintain and offering non-constant engaged hydraulic pressed steering clutch with two-stage final drive, planetary reduction gear mechanism.   SD7N Bulldozer

Rops Cabin Bulldozer

ROPS Cabin Advantage

ROPS is a solution to protect drivers from rollovers.

We provide advanced technology HBXG Bulldozers equipped with ROPS and 360 º view cabin structures necessary for supervision, multi-directional work and overall safety of the machine.

ROPS cabin structure is made with telescopic bars (vertical and horizontal) that expand automatically in a rollover situation. The expansion of the bars occurs when the vehicle reaches a tilt angle of between 45º and 50º and the rollover is irreversible. This ROPS structure is intended to protect equipment operators and motorists from injuries caused by vehicle overturns or rollovers when operating in environments such as mining, construction and forestry sites.

ROPS cabin is certainly having a great impact on reducing the number of fatalities and injuries caused by work equipment rollovers in the thousands of accidents occurred worldwide. When operating in environments such as mining, construction and forestry sites, safety is consistently deemed to be the top priority.

Transmission System

Easy maintenance Transmission System

We offer the best and latest HBXG ty165, SD7N and SD8N Bulldozers; they are much easy to maintain and have a quickly repairable transmission system clubbed with Elevated Sprocket and highly efficient Cummins Engine Technology. These are high-tech machines with strong power transmission system. Transmission plays a vital role as the heavy machine systems contain hundreds of components working together.

Using multiple gear teeth instead of a single tooth increases the system endurance to engine to orque by evenly distributing the applied forces, thus making the machine more efficient. It facilitates easy removal as well as easy installation from the rear portion. We are known for our techno-commercial expertise in working with one of the most heavy-duty machinery in the field of heavy earthmoving machines, i.e bulldozers. The use of machines with the best power transmission systems is recommended to keep your vehicles healthy and durable. Contact us for more such machines!

ty165-3 blade

Solid Waste Bulldozer -TY165

Special solid waste bulldozer to make your work easy in landfills and swamp lands. This bulldozer is equipped with extraordinary features like extra wide track i.e Low Ground Pressure (LGP) or triangular-shaped track plates and solid waste blade which enables the bulldozer to shift more waste in comparison to straight blade while offering smooth movement over crammed area with the help of triangular plates. Its performance cannot be matched as it is supported with powerful Cummins engine.
We have several years of experience in managing all kind of landfill operations, windrow composting, operation & maintenance and transforming completely unorganized landfills to an organized one. With the help of solid waste bulldozer, the efficiency of the machine in sludge and landfills increases fourfold.Solid Waste Bulldozer HBXG TY165.


Mining Bulldozer SD8N

Our Govt. builds more than 20 kilometers of road each day. One of the primary equipment used in the building of roads is a bulldozer, to remove or push away the topsoil and level the path in order to have a smooth road. Keeping in view the changing demands of our country when it comes to construction of roads we bring to Indian market, the super-efficient bulldozers used during the process of road construction, more ground clearance and much better efficiency.

We respect the fact that selecting the right machine for your mining work is necessary to attain best results. The selection depends on factors like durability, strength and overall cost of mining machines. Closely considering these factors we bring to the market the highly productive and robust HBXG SD8N – 345HP and SD7N – 248HP Mining Bulldozer with elevated sprocket design and Cummins engine support.