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Hydraulic Bulldozer


SD8N_Bulldozer Hydraulic

The bulldozers use what is called, mobile hydraulic circuits, which is a circuit with compact size and components to achieve high performance we need. The present invention generally relates to bulldozer hydraulic systems and, more particularly, to a technique for controlling the operation of blade lift cylinders operable to raise and lower the blade of a bulldozer.

Hbxg bulldozer functions like hydraulic dozers through their feature of pilot joystick hydraulic control and hydraulic direct drive motors. These advanced and latest technology hydraulic dozers equipped with elevated sprocket and Cummins engine for better performance than the other dozer models falling in range.

Main configuration:

  • Torque converter.
  • power shift transmission with three speeds forward and three speeds reverse, speed and direction can be quickly shifted.
  • Steering clutch – The steering clutch is hydraulic pressed, usually separated clutch.
  • Braking clutch – The braking clutch is pressed by spring, separated hydraulic, meshed type.
  • Final drive – The final drive is two-stage planetary reduction gear mechanism, splash lubrication.
  • Features : Cummins Engine, ROPS & Ac cabin, Joystick control, Led Lights.

For a bulldozers, they use some specific components like:

  • Reservoir: for storing hydraulic oil.
  • Pump: for pumping oil with required pressure to be converted then to the work we need.
  • Hydraulic filter: for filtering and purifying the oil to keep it and the whole circuit components clean and efficient.
  • Valves: with different types and functions to fully control all variables.
  • Actuator: which produces the output we need.
  • It has 2 main types, rotary actuator for producing rotational movement, and reciprocating or linear actuator.

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